Thursday, September 1, 2011

Total Garbage!!

UPDATE: The 'Eerie Eric' painting is now on sale HERE.

As a kid, there wasn't anything as cool to me as baseball cards, comic books, action figures, Mexican candy and Garbage Pail Kids. They really did define childhood and when I see any of those things, I'm instantly brought back to those days. I think the combination of the Mexican candy and GPK cards really affected my brain and shaped the twisted sense of humor that I have now.

Gallery 1988 had the awesome idea to ask a bunch of artists to re-interpret their favorite Garbage Pail Kids. I always liked the werewolf know as 'Eerie Eric' for obvious reasons so I chose to work on him. Instead of working digitally and doing the prints I usually do, I decided to pick up a paintbrush and acrylics and do it old school just like they would have in the 80's. I found painting to be such a nice & relaxing change. When I think about it, I'm in front of the computer pretty much all week, so breaking away was a good thing. With my version of 'Eerie Eric', I paid homage to the original by using the same elements such as the moon, the trees, the bats, and his bone. I changed it up a bit by giving him a tuxedo shirt, a little bat bow tie, and more of a distinguished gentleman type of attitude. That's the part of me that I added. I'm not necessarily as suave, but I try. The painting itself is 8" by 10" and is painted on oak. My friend Mike helped shred the frame and I got the bronze nameplate from a trophy shop.

Be sure to check out the show if you can. It starts September 2nd.


Anonymous said...

Fine. I too think to take paints and to remember the childhood. I am sorry, English at all I do not know. The comment through machine translation wrote.

John T Quinn III said...

that's real nice paintbrushin' there Eric. real nice. :-)

Elena said...

wonderful as always big brother ;). how long is the show going on for?

Tanner said...

Thanks so much guys!

John, thanks for the help. It made a huge difference.

Elena, I believe it runs til Oct. 1. Check it out if you can!!

pakoto said...

yeeah i love it!!!

Patricio OLiver said...

awesome!!! there were banned from my school back in the 80s