Saturday, May 24, 2008


VisualMente, a South American visual arts site wrote up a neato story on me. I haven't been able to translate it yet, but I hope it's a complimentary one. Peep it! With gas prices so high, and the fact that it F's up my passion for demolition derby, I'm now gonna find the nearest mosh pit and bust ass!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Tuzon Jr., Kicking A$$ & Taking Names

My buddy/coworker Rich Tuzon is part of a group show that opens this week at Gallery 1988 in Hollywood. If you're into fine artistic fun made with acrylic paint, wood panels, and a whole lot of pad thai, be sure to check it out. He ain't bad! In fact, I have a monkey he made hanging on my wall. Go for the paintings and stay for the open bar!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Wall•e World

For the upcoming release of Wall•e, Pixar is all decked out with film development art and standees from the film. They were kind enough to use those posters I did way back to line both walls. My first reaction after seeing them up was shock, then I picked myself up off the floor and felt kinda dizzy. Fortunately, they had this bench smack dab in the center where I could get it together. That's me in the middle there with Wall•e & Eve. It's quite the honor to get to work on all these projects. I never thought I'd get close to doing anything this cool. Just as I started to get all sentimental or whatever, I found this fat ball outside and immediately tried to roll into a bike rack on their front lawn. I don't think they're inviting me back anytime soon.