Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I Need Sleep!

I finally finished up that X-men poster over the weekend. It was quite the honor to get to work on these characters that I've followed since I was a kid. In the end, it became a combination of the stuff I did for Incredibles and them old German film posters. Hope it works! Now I'm gonna get a big cheeseburger and 8 tacos over at Jack in the Box with this $5 I found in my pocket.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Stan the Man

I tend to hibernate in the fall, hence the no posting for a long ass time. But I finally snapped out of it and I'm now working on a piece based on my favorite super-heroes, the X-men. What's not to like about them? Outcasts, kinda weird lookin', crazy effing powers!! They're like the rock stars of the comic book universe. What really intrigued me about them is that they all live in that mansion. Not to be all pervy, but imagine the crazy mutant sex stories that those walls could tell. Anyways, I've always dug those UFA German cinema posters, especially the Metropolis ones. Using them as inspiration, I sketched up a little comp on a napkin. They're all gonna be sporting their retro uniforms and it's gonna be like 3 colors max. I've cheated it a bit by including Wolverine and Storm. They came later in the series, but I like 'em and it's probably my one and only shot at working on the X-men so what the heck, right? Don't I sound just like a fanboy? The piece is due in a week so I'll be sure and post the final soon. Go Chargers!