Monday, July 26, 2010

Crazy 4 Cult!

The fine folks at G4 were nice enough to cover the 'Crazy4Cult' show and interview me about the 'Welcome to Hill Valley' print. It's kinda cool to have this captured on video cuz quite frankly, I barely remembered being interviewed. My cousin and I got smashed before the opening and stumbled upon an open bar next door at Golden Apple Comics before this interview took place. Enjoy the clip, there's a lot of cool art and interviews in it, even Mr. Mallrats himself, Kevin Smith. Oh yeah, there's also a drunk Filipino guy in it, wearing an SD hat who struggles to put two words together. (That would be me!)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Remixing the Magic

Here's something you may remember from a past post that's now available as a print, both on paper and on stretched canvas. Originally, my Sleeping Beauty poster was created for the "Disney's Art of Princess" book which came out last year. Although my daily duties as a designer have everything to do with boy's driven properties like Cars and Toy Story, I was stoked to get to work on something like this. Growing up on a steady diet of classic Disney animation will tend to do that to you. I definitely have fond memories of films like Peter Pan, Snow White, Jungle Book, and all the rest of them. Sleeping Beauty struck me as a kid, not so much for the story per se, but because I dug the design and look of the film, especially Maleficent - as a human and as a dragon, the castle, and all the amazing backgrounds. Eyvind Earle is a mad genius and it really stands out as one of the most beautiful animated films to look at. I hope you dig my tribute to this artistic classic! You can check out the print info at Acme Archives.