Friday, November 7, 2008

Sketch (and Pub) Crawlin' in the U.K.

Never having left the states (except for a few muy caliente nights in jolly old Tijuana), I really didn't have a clue as to the magnitude of all the surroundings I would see in Europe. Photos don't really do any of them justice. With all the historic architecture around, you really do get a newfound sense of what amazing things people can accomplish. Especially with something massive like the colosseum in Rome, your mind is completely blown just trying to comprehend what the hell went on during that build. With sketchbook in hand, I ventured out to capture everything I saw as I traveled. These are sights I saw during my weekend train journeys in and out of London. I have no idea where the flying objects started, but I had fun carrying them throughout each sketch. Upon reflection, those soaring symbols may have come from my never-ending dreams of flying above the world, with peaceful thoughts of hope sprinkling my panoramic memories just as stars fill the vast night sky...oh wait, judging from the last sketch, them flying objects were completely inspired by beer.