Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lost Update

Thanks to all the Lost fans who've been patient and checking in for updates on the poster. I've been trying to get it out asap, but hardcore deadlines at work and the fact that they're sending me to Hong Kong for several days next week will delay it just a wee bit longer. I'd like to be in the states for the sale just to make sure nothing goes wrong and you get the goods on time. I've definitely read all of the recommendations and I'll announce a set date but make it a random time. That seems to be the popular choice. Just make sure your Paypal mailing addresses are up to date. I'll post the site when I return the 1st week of February along with further instructions. Again, thank you to everyone who's checked in and supported the project. And I apologize for not getting the poster out sooner. Your loyalty to the show and enthusiasm for the posters have made me really wish it was an open run that everyone could get their hands on. Here's to hoping another Lost poster series happens.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010


January brings yet another "Under the Influence" show thrown by the fine folks at Gallery1988 . This time, the subject matter a ton of amazing artists will pay tribute to is He-Man and The Masters of the Universe! I had a lot to draw on for this one cuz frankly, He-Man - along with Transformers, G.I.Joe, and Robotech, ruled my childhood. My room was filled with these crazy action figures. I never had the fortune to get a hold of that badass playset known as Castle Greyskull, but we did have Battlecat, the 2nd best thing about that toy series! By far, he was the fiercest looking character and I knew I had to do my own interpretation of that ferocious feline when it came to my piece.

I know what you're saying, "That poster looks absolutely NOTHING like your other stuff! What the heck happened????" Well, that "flat, simplified" look that came from working on 'The Incredibles' poster series & that I've used a lot over the past few years didn't quite seem fitting on this occasion. The 1st thing that came to mind when I decided on Battlecat was the idea that he looked like a samurai warrior with that head dress and armor. I ran with it and gave it the whole traditional Japanese scroll treatment. Instead of blocky shapes, I broke out a brush and some ink. It was quite liberating not having to vectorize this time and I hope it doesn't completely disappoint those who prefer the style I usually do. Don't panic, I'm pretty sure you're see more of the 'flat' stuff down the road.

For those of you who might actually dig this one, the show starts on Friday, January 8th til the 29th. The dimensions are 14" wide by 30" tall and it's a lithograph printed on some pretty thick, textured paper. It's a signed and numbered edition of 123. I believe it also goes on sale online after the opening. By the power of Greyskull!!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Crash

Hey Lost fans,
I'm not sure if I've ever gotten more inquiries about a project of mine than the Lost poster. As a HUGE fan of the show myself, I can totally understand it. It's such a cool show and the poster series was an amazing collection that celebrates the final season of an instant classic. It was an honor to be included among artists I look up to, and my mind was completely blown when I saw the Lostargs fan poll that voted my contribution 1st! I'm glad I was able to design something that hopefully captured what that show means to me and a special thanks to all who voted and have been following the poster series. I wish I could've met all of you who actually showed up at Gallery 1988 on opening night. That was a very impressive turnout!

The good news is, I do have a few posters left for sale! The bad news is, I have a ridiculously crazy deadline this month that will keep me from getting the posters into tubes and out to you right away. The usual 9 to 5 job is actually more like 8 to 9 these days and I hope you guys understand and bear with me at least for the next couple of weeks. I assure you that I will post a date, time, and web address on my blog once I get everything sorted. Thanks to all those who've dropped me a line and contact info. Unfortunately, I've received more requests than posters available so instead of leaving anyone out, I thought I'd sell on a 1st come, 1st served basis like many of the other artists have. Sorry there are not enough to go around. I collect a lot of things myself and I know that crappy feeling when I miss out on something I really like, or something that simply completes the series. Just check back in every now and then and I'll do my best to get you "The Crash". I do appreciate your patience in all this.


Sunday, January 3, 2010


The awesome folks over at Mindstyle actually produced that Tiki Stitch I sculpted a few months back as a vinyl you can buy! As a guy who's way more comfortable doing 2-D stuff and struggles creating anything dealing with dimensionality, you can bet I was shocked when I got word that it was being made at all. Their artists did an amazing job creating a dead ringer of the original, and at 10" tall, it's nearly as big as it too. They even got the leis and spear perfect! So if you're looking to add some Hawaiian-themed magic to your living room, study, or in my case, the bar, be sure to check back with Mindstyle this February. Ma-haaaaa-lo!