Monday, July 21, 2008

Game Over

Here's the final version of the Duck Hunt trophy plaque for the I am 8-bit show. I'm not the most experienced sculptor in the world but I'm glad I went through the all the challenges that came with this project cuz i learned a whole lot of valuable lessons such as 1) don't forget to wear a mask next time when sanding resin. I'm still coughing up dust. 2) Don't look directly into a clogged airbrush tip when the compressor is plugged in. My left eye is now glittery pink. And 3) Stick to making posters. Those are a walk in the park compared to all the drilling, bending, sculpting, masking, sanding, priming, and painting involved with a 3D piece. My appreciation for sculptors has grown big time. All in all, I'm just glad I got through it and can't wait to do it again...with the help of a C&C machine!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

ROB the Robot

Another year brings another I am 8-bit show. This time around, I chose to pay homage to the first game my brother and I ever played on the Nintendo system, Duck Hunt. Our system also came with ROB the robot and Gyromite. If you ever attempted to get that robot to work, you can see why we popped in Duck Hunt first. I remember that game being such a mindf@#* at the time cuz the gun actually worked when you aimed at the screen and shot. Them graphics also kicked Atari ass! We were in heaven! Almost immediately, all our grades dropped in school and we couldn't wait to be old enough to get our gun licenses. Thanks Nintendo! As you can see, I created a hunting trophy out of it with a dead duck head. I haven't sculpted anything in forever so it's taking me longer than expected to complete. The duck is still missing a few features like eyelids, that nostril band, some extra feathers, and of course, paint. I'm also using a new sculpting compound called MagicSculp which is a resin mixture that hardens in a few hours and is pretty damn strong. I like it a lot thus far. Much thanks to Mike 'The Bike' Eaton who used his mad woodshop skills to craft that duck foot plaque. Now, where'd I put my Tech 9? $10 says I can cap that Pabst Blue Ribbon can off the hood of that Chevy.