Friday, April 10, 2009

She Talks in Her Sleep

Of the three Indy films (I haven't watched the 4th yet), I've seen The Last Crusade the most times by far. I think it would have to be my favorite because the relationship between Indy and Henry Sr. is so damn hilarious. The film has all the awesome qualities that makes the series so great: ridiculous action sequences, exotic locales, unbelievable treasure, the vermin of choice, and a hot chick, but the bonus element in Crusade is the side-splitting banter between father and son. Their facial expressions alone are worth watching it over a few times. Especially Henry Sr.'s face when Indy finds out his father also slept with Dr. Schneider.

With the Crusade poster, I also tried to keep the series consistent with a lot of the same criteria I used in the 1st couple of posters. Among them include the limited color scheme, the big head at the top right, the chase scene on the bottom right, the logo down below, the filmed in color banner, and a background silhouette of one of the key settings. I wanted to play up the love connection between the Joneses and Elsa because it plays an important part of the plot so Indy and Elsa are almost equal in scale and you can also make a visual "triangle" between the three characters. Because it's my favorite on the Indy series of films, I really wanted to get as much as I could into this one. The story is dense and so is this poster in comparison to the previous two. I certainly hope you guys dig it!

This poster should be available soon from Acme Archives .