Friday, October 3, 2008


Here's a quick sketch in Photoshop. We were given "orange" as a theme for an art wall in our kitchen area. When i thought of artwork hanging in the kitchen, I immediately envisioned cheese. Maybe it's cuz I've been stealing someone's string cheese outta the fridge for like the past 3 weeks. Hey, if no one is complaining, what's all the fuss? Anyway, I always thought that one of the strangest home videos I've seen are the ones filming someone sleepwalking and going into the kitchen. Although they're in a total daze, some of them can open the fridge and even make a sandwich! I don't know if I believe they're really asleep cuz some of those sandwiches look better than the ones I make awake, but it's pretty amazing to watch nonetheless. My mind works in strange ways as you can see. Now I'm hungry! Where's that string cheese??