Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Yup, Them's Princesses!

Ever since I started designing posters, I've always had this goal of creating my very own versions for all the animated Disney films. Those classics have had such an impact on my art and my career, that I wanted to do it almost as a tribute to the importance
they had on me as a kid. Disney Consumer Products had a cool idea going when they decided to ask a bunch of internal artists to put their artistic spin on the Princesses for a book that was just released, The Art of Disney Princess. You can almost guess immediately what I wanted to do with my pieces. Yup, MOVIE POSTERS!!!

Little Mermaid came out when I was in high school and reinvigorated the entire Animation studio which influenced me to want to get into field that as a career. Although I found I didn't have the chops for animation, it led me down the path to my current position with Disney and it'll always be one of those films that reminds me of how I fortunate I am to end up where I did.

Sleeping Beauty was just an amazing piece of artistic vision. The look of the film made an impact on me as a kid and I remember trying to draw the Maleficent dragon over and over with less than stellar results.

It was an honor to get to 'remix' two of these classic films and I seriously hope I get to do more. Check out the book if you happen to come across it. It's definitely worth taking a look at all the amazing Princess translations my fellow coworkers created.