Thursday, October 13, 2011

D23 Interviews Me!

The Disney fan site, D23, recently visited me at work for an interview. They quizzed me about everything - from my creative process to what my favorite Disney films are. If you read all the way through, you'll basically feel like you spent way too much time with me!

Check out the interview here.


dylansdad said...

Hope you get to do an official Disney ride poster one day!

Sue said...

So cool! Reading your story about eventually arriving at Disney is inspiring. Working at Disney (not as an illustrator though) is one of my dreams and goals since I was a kid, and hopefully I'll get there someday :)

David G said...

Thanks, a great read! I'm a big fan and find your work inspiring.

I also totally get your wish to do an attraction poster... I got to do one for the Paris park, and although it was for a seasonal attraction, it's one of the projects I'm proudest of. I'd love to see one designed by you!