Tuesday, July 5, 2011

In George We Trust!

Another summer means another Crazy 4 Cult show at Gallery 1988. In my most unoriginal move ever, I paid tribute to the same exact film I did last year, Back to the Future. Yes, I LOVE the movie that much!

While watching it for the 257th time, something hit me. After George McFly knocks out Biff and dances with Lorraine at the prom, a couple next to them insists that the now-popular George runs for class president. I thought to myself "would George actually run??", which led to "if he did, what the heck would his campaign poster look like????". And that's where this little poster idea was born.

In my mind, George would never look as confident and as comfortable as Barack Obama might in the Shepard Fairey poster. Nope, he would look as if the photographer yelled "Say Cheese!!" while he was fixated on cheerleaders practicing at the other end of the gym. His hair would be straying all over the place because he had just run to the shoot after being 20 minutes late. The quote, which Marty took from Doc and relayed to George while they were hanging clothes, would still be fresh in his mind. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I think way too much about this stuff.

With so many cult films to choose from, I swear my BTTF kick is probably done after this and I'll come up with something fresh next year. Oh wait, I suddenly have the urge to create something Biff-related. Say hi to your mom for me!

'In George We Trust' measures 18" by 24" and is a 3-color silkscreen print from D&L Screenprinting. It's a signed & numbered edition of 200 and will be sold starting Friday, July 8th at the gallery. I hope to see ya there!


Sue said...

He's a Peeping Tom! automatically doesn't have my vote :P Ahhh I just rewatched BttF over the weekend, can't get enough of it either :D

Unknown said...

Love this. I'd like to see an ad for Biff's car wash.

David said...

This is fantastic. Is it going to go online for us UK lowlies to buy? :)

Or, maybe there is some art prints floating around? :p

Keep up the amazing work!

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? You can never have enough BTTF imo! Absolutely brilliant once again, Eric! :D

Tanner said...

Thanks all! I'm glad i can share my BTTF infatuation with everyone. The gallery has a ton of these so I'm hoping that they'll appear online over the weekend.

Matt Zitron said...

Hey gang,

Just called 1988 and they still have prints!

So glad I finally got an Eric piece without paying Ebay money!

Tanner said...

That's awesome Matt! I'm glad it worked out. The world of prints can be crazy and I really do wish more fans of the work could get their hands on them so hopefully upping the print run a little makes that more of a possibility.

Matt Zitron said...

I live in the UK and when I called they'd just opened.

They almost made me wait until it was online (though I wouldn't have missed out if they had) but I think my desperation came through and they let me order.

It can be added to my already great collection of your stuff.

Hill Valley, Both Trons, Beastie Boys, Warriors, Lost (that's my wife's), and my 5 month year old son's room has Russel from Up! and soon the first 4 cars posters.

Tanner said...

That's amazing Matt! I'm honored that you, your wife, and now your son have gotten to enjoy and own the art. It is much of the reason why I like to produce as much as I can. I'm a fan of so many artists and I really do get excitement out of collecting their work and displaying it on the walls at home, so i can definitely relate.

I'm fortunate enough to work on Disney and Pixar projects and it is such a thrill for me to reach younger audiences such as your son. I was raised on a steady supply of Disney animated films and it completely inspired me to do what I do for a living. I'm glad your child has the same opportunity as well.

Rainy said...

Ohh so glad to see someone is as crazy about BTTF as me! When can we buy these in the UK please?????!!!!