Thursday, June 23, 2011

"Snap" 'em up!

Thanks to everyone who's already sent me pics of the Cars 2 'retro' campaign. It's really cool to see how many different places these things have be posted. Here's a pic of the prints that are up for grabs. I have 2 sets of the 4 prints and they are all scribbled on by yours truly. They are actually larger than I even thought they were (18.5" by 27"), so they'd make a nice addition to any room/garage/cubicle/bar area. Keep sending the pics in to get the chance to own one of these. See the previous post for all the info and keep snapping away! ;)


Anonymous said...

Hey u! I'm so proud of you!! - Gigi

danalynn227 said...

Ew has a great insert of your work on page 53 but no name mentioned .... Too bad but nice placement

danalynn227 said...

Great shout out to you cars posters on pg 53 of EW.....I just wish they would have mentioed the artist's name???

Tanner said...

Thanks so much guys!

Gigi, it's always good to hear from you!

Danalynn, thanks so much for the heads up! I was able to get a copy and it's pretty cool to see it right there beside the movie's review. Haha, I agree, a credit would be nice!

banditsgirl said...

Love your stuff Eric. I'm writing a paragraph on you for my Graphic Design class....right up there with Milton Glaser and Paula Scher. :)

danalynn227 said...

I was able to get these smaller posters from Disney Movie Rewards using points from all the Disney movies purchased for my 6 year old daughter over the years... I was THRILLED when I spotted them there.

Matt Zitron said...

My son's prints arrived today! Super gorgeous stuff sir.

BTW are you still checking the Scavenger email? I just sent you an email there (not necessaryily an entry as I know the comp has finished)

Jeffrey Steenbergen said...

Hi Eric,

Your work inspires me!
the wall behind my mac is full of your designs.
the reason that I like your work is that it's "retro" (timeless) and there is nothing to comment about.
everything (my opinion) is perfect (colours, composition, you know exactly what you can simplify..

Im a graphic designer student in the Netherlands
I know I have a long way to go, but one day I hope to be as good as you.


Tanner said...

Thank you very much for the kind words Jeffrey! It's an honor to have my work on your walls for inspiration and I wish you the best of luck with your graphic design.