Sunday, September 30, 2007


I was fortunate enough to get down to San Diego over the weekend to see the folks. My dad, as busy as ever with his garden, couldn't wait to show me all the stuff he's grown. Over the past few months, his garden has gone nuts. I saw everything from a giant habanéro pepper to a spiky orange melon that's from some island I've never heard of. It's like some surreal fruit and vegetable zoo back there. I also got to see the progress of the magic pineapples I wrote about 5 months ago. They're f-ing HUGE now! He's got 5 of them that are ready to be harvested. The fact that the fat pineapples are able to balance above the center of the plant with the support of a skinny stem was amazing to me. Unlike my mom who swears he uses deadly chemicals to grow these sons of bitches, I cannot wait to try one of them! Dad says they're way better than those ones you get from the market. Mom just rolls her eyes when he says that. I'll let you know what they're like in a future food review. Way to go dad! Keep fighthing the good fight and don't let mom crap on your parade!

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The mighty pine Apple.