Monday, April 9, 2007

Fun with silkscreening!

I apologize for not posting stuff for a while. I was drunk. Here's some silkscreened prints I created for a two-man show last year. The concept deals with advertising posters for an institution populated by kids with mental "gifts". They're not necessarily super-powered, they just have these unexplainable, and for the most part problematic quirks. This was the first time that my studiomate/coworker Rich Tuzon and I tried our hand at silkscreening. And it is also our last! j/k. It was quite the challenge of trial and error. In the end, it was also the most rewarding experience. We finally got through it with the help of enough alcohol to kill a small bear. Enjoy!


Nicolette Davenport said...

Awesome Tan-O!! Keep posting!

Man, your blog makes me want to drink beer.

Larry said...

I want beer...hey, you just gave me an idea for my blog. Thanks, Tanner-san!

Vince M said...

Hey E, these are great! Concept and art-wise. Do you guys have any of these left for sale? I love the kid with the books forming a giant hand, and I'd love to buy one.
Very powerful stuff!

Silkscreens and alcohol... I remember it well.

richtuzon said...

beer...the Well...Happy Hour

just a girl.. said...

hey there.. I bought one of these last year, and I was wondering if you still have any of those frames left? I never found a frame I liked, shoulda just bought the one you had. gimme an email at jeanie . conner @ gmail . com
Thanks! :)