Monday, April 23, 2007


Every now and then at work, I get the opportunity to design posters for the animated films Pixar and Disney creates. For Ratatouille, we used A.M. Cassandre's vintage french posters as our main inspiration. It's always a surprise where the finished product ends up, and this is definitely no exception. The atrium on the Pixar campus is an amazing and inspiring spot one you step through the main entrance. An immediate sense of creativity flows through that place. With the posters, I'm just glad to be a part of that, even for a few weeks or so. Once the film opens, I'll be sure to post them HUGE so that you can actually see them.

Much thanks to Stephane Kardos, an unbelievably talented artist from our U.K. team, for contributing his amazing posters as well.


Anonymous said...

You rock, Tanner! Pixar is just as privileged to have you as we are to have them. Glad to see you're work in a place where it can truly be appreciated.

Vince M said...

This couldn't happen to a nicer guy, or artist. These pieces are unbelievable. True to their source inspiration, and extremely fresh and new in your capable hands.

Your work is always inspirational, Eric.

richtuzon said...

I heard they have a bar in there. I love pixar.

warykitty said...

thanks! i saw your site on upcoming pixar's blog about the posters.
great job, they look so cool!

lol richtuzon:
"I heard they have a bar in there. I love pixar." haha

i love pixar too.

Tanner said...

Thanks Hutch & Vince! You're way too kind. Now, if I could only be as hip and cool as you two..

Rich, how dare you mention beer. You know I have a little bit of a problem. You, my so-called-friend, are not helping!

Bones, thank you so much for stopping by. I'll be sure to round up more pixar stuff for you.


Congrats Eric! That's gotta feel great to have your stuff displayed at Pixar. I was sorry your posters left our own lobby so quickly. You're an amazing talent!

Anonymous said...

...whoa...droppin loads!!!

Unknown said...

Very cool Eric! I hope we'll get to work on more projects together! your are an amazing designer!

Tanner said...

Thanks Ry! The posters are still around in the other building.

Thanks Stef! You were a huge help with the completion of the Rat posters. I can almost guarantee that we'll work on more projects.

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