Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Gettin' Fashionable!

Recently, I was fortunate enough to help out on a collaboration between Disney and Barney's on their Electric Holiday campaign. My contribution included creating the travel poster that appears at the beginning of an animated short, playing in the windows of Barney's New York store during the holiday season. Being a HUGE fan of travel posters, I had a blast combining the vintage travel aesthetic with a 'fashion-y' version of Daisy Duck. The result ended up being this poster, which you can get in postcard form at Barney's stores. As an added bonus, Air France was also involved in the campaign and I got to add their logo onto the poster, giving that official touch. This project was definitely a fun one which combined a couple of things I really love doing. Hopefully I get to do more of them in the future!


Matt Zitron said...

He lives! That's gorgeous, would love to own a print of it!

Tanner said...

Haha! Yes Matt, it's been forever since a post. Just know that I have been busy creating prints for a show sometime in 2013, so a lot of new work is soon to come.

Thanks for the compliments on the Daisy print. Barney's is now selling a huge print of it here:


Unknown said...

That is amazingly beautiful! Better buy it... I love some of the older Pixar poster you did, and would really like them in my new living room. Is there anywhere that I can buy them?

Looking forward to 2013!

Tanner said...

Thank you so much Anders, I'm glad you like the poster! A lot of the older Pixar posters can be found on Acme Archives' site.


Unknown said...

So I just bought two Paris posters at Barneys (my colleague fell in love with it at once as well) to be sent to Europe...

Thank you very much for the link. Is it possible to get them even bigger, or perhaps in a large scale image file, so that I can print it myself?
Oh, and you're not by any chance planning on doing a similar poster with Copenhagen, are you? :-)

Sorry for all the questions, just a huge fan of your work.

Unknown said...

I love your Daisy-in-Paris poster! I bet all fashionistas were thrilled when they saw this. Anyway, I can see why you used vintage travel aesthetics on this. When you think of Paris, history and romance quickly comes to mind; and nothing can accentuate that other than a vintage theme. Great job!

Matthew Reeves