Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Future is Now!

When I lived in London a few years ago, I looked forward to getting Shortlist magazine every thursday before I hopped onto the tube to go to work. It was a great read - covering everything from sports, to gadgets, to films and television. Even after I got to the office, my thursdays were much less productive as I found myself reading the articles instead of concentrating on work. It was a nice surprise to be contacted by the creative team at Shortlist a few weeks ago to illustrate the cover for their tech issue. There was no way i could say no after all the relaxing thursdays they provided me when I lived in the city. Hopefully the issue I got to work on will find its way into the hands of someone like me, who was too drunk by thursday and needed something interesting to keep him awake on that long train ride headed to the workplace. You are a life-saver Shortlist!


Unknown said...

I saw this in a shop last week and thought it looked like your work. Nice!

Tanner said...

Thanks so much Charles! Much appreciated

Kristine Dinglasan said...

Really nice work, Eric! That goes for everything on your blog.

I heard from you about Tita Baby (your mothers cousin). I'm an animation student and I really look up to you! Keep it up! :)

Tanner said...

Hi Kristine, I'm glad you found my blog and enjoy the artwork. It's nice to hear that all the stuff inspires you! Say hi to Tita baby, we always talk about visiting her someday and we really should.

Martin said...

Hi there, I just ran across your blog... fantastic work man! I also love the BTTF and Indiana Jones stuff!

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric, really like your work. You have a great, distinctive style.

Keep up the fantastic work.


Yoan said...

Hello !
I'm a french guy who's discovering your amazing talent.
I'm a big fan of Lost (the TV show) and Goonies too.
But I'm here to ask you a question.
Do you take commissions ? A very good friend of me is a huge fan of Cars. I think she has the biggest car's collection in France (not a joke !). I would like to give her a present but she already has all Cars stuff.
So I would know if you took commissions.
I hope I'm at the good spot.
Thanks for considering and sorry for my bad english.

PS : Sorry for posting this on a comment but the other possibility that I saw is limited to 300 letters.

Ben Henderson said...

Love your work Eric! I have your Last Crusade and Capt. America prints. When are you gonna post more awesome stuff you've been working on?

Tanner said...

Thanks so much for the compliments Ben, and I'm glad you own a couple of pieces. I'm currently working on a series of prints that should be out sometime next year. I'll definitely post more about them as they get closer to release.

Tanner said...

Hi Yoan, don't worry you have very good english! That's awesome about your friend having so many Cars! How does she have room?? I'd love to do commissions every now and then but I'm usually in the middle of all the stuff from my day job which eats up all my time. Sorry Yoan