Saturday, April 16, 2011

Get That Rascally Rabbit!

Here's my contribution to the 'Required Reading' show which opened last night at Gallery 1988. 40 artists were each given a literary classic to interpret in their own style. I was fortunate to get 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland', a book that i remember reading over and over as a kid. Being one who suffers from A.D.D., it was always a tolerable read for me because it's one of those rare books where you can dive in at any point and not feel lost that you didn't read anything prior to that scene. The whole world within it was so rich and whacked out, and i could read a random part then put the book down and run down the street or sleep in the grass and feel completely fulfilled. I was a weird kid! The cast of unique and memorable characters and the amazing illustrations by John Tenniel would inspire me to break out the crayons and try to draw my own Cheshire cats and Tweedle Dees and Tweedle Dums. When it came to coming up with the concept for my poster, I knew i had to capture a world that was swirling out of control and highlight Alice's journey into this crazy abyss. The tea label idea for the book's title came about because I was also working on a freelance gig for a friend who just happens to sell her own line of teas. It seemed very fitting because the tea party was one of my favorite parts of the story.

The print, titled 'Follow Hobson: A Tribute to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' is named after my coworker Carrie, whose last name is Hobson and who our team just happened to nickname the 'white rabbit' for her ability to quickly hop past everyone when they do their long runs (my team is a bit weird too). The blue version has a run of 100, signed and numbered, and the pink version has a run of 50. They are both 18" by 24" and were screen-printed by the fine folks at D&L Screenprinting.


A Koszis said...

This poster is great.

My favorite scene in the book was always the one with the mock turtle, but no one ever seems to remember him.

Anonymous said...

An excellent book. A very rich subject for creativity. Illustrations like)

dylansdad said...

Excellent job, Eric! Grabbed the pink version at the show last night, and it's already hanging on my daughter's wall:

Congrats on the double sell-out!

Tanner said...

Thanks so much A Kozis! You have a really fun sense of humor with the art on the blog of yours. I'm glad you stopped by.

Elua, your compliments are always appreciated!

Dylansdad, thanks you so much for adding to your collection! The photo of the framed print looks great and I hope your daughter digs it. I always had in mind to create something fun and simple that could hang in a kid's room. The book definitely brought me back to childhood. Let me know what she thinks.

Unknown said...

Will you be putting up any for sale? My pay check doesn't get deposited til Tuesday so I had hoped against hope one would last that long. Big surprise they didn't but I'm hopeful you've got a few copies. As always nothing but fantastic work from you.

Justin DeCrosta said...

Was on a cruise during the drop :( My wife really loves this print (Blue) just wondering if you have any left for sale? We would really be grateful.


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Carrie Leigh said...

Looks awesome, but looks even better in person. Thanks again :)

Linda said...
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Linda said...

Sorry! Eric, Your work is awesome!!

John said...

Hey Eric...Just saw your Cars 2 London poster on the front page of's website to advertise for the new trailer.

Great Job!

Nobu said...

Darn! saw this too late. I really like the blue one if you ever do few more prints :)

Passionately Unpassionate said...

I only just discovered you. This poster is awesome, any chance you might make some more of the blue prints?