Sunday, December 7, 2008

Getting Away With It

My artist friends are able to fill loads and loads of sketchbooks with sketches and caricatures of complete strangers out in public. I have no idea how they accomplish all that work without getting caught staring. I've been drawn (brutally in some cases) many times by these guys so I'm almost immune to the uncomfortable notion at being stared at while I'm minding my own business. I've been in fear to try to do as they do in public because I always have the feeling that if the subject catches me, I'll either be socked, slapped, or be called a pervert or a pedophile (according to subject). Anyways, more power to my artist friends for doing what they do. Here's some sketches that I did get away without being caught. These are a few of my coworkers from the Disney office in London. As you can see, I have a much kinder heart than some of my artist "friends" who either draw me as an alien or butt naked.


El Tonas said...


David said...

Well, I suppose you could snap a pic with your cell ... Because it is as they say, pictures last longer. Awesome drawing by the way!

Craig Mackay said...

These are great, Eric! I relate to your apprehension. I was drawing a guy in the school cafeteria a few years ago and about halfway into the drawing he looked up at me and recognized what I was doing. He then shook his head and ducked like a celebrity would. I was so embarrassed then that I developed a technique for averting my eyes just as I'm about to be discovered! Can't wait to see more sketches like these!

Eric Hutchison said...

These look great, Tanner. If it makes you feel any better, I still get self-conscious about it, especially on the train.
I really like your take on sketching people coming from a design BG rather than a tradit'l character artist. Always visually interesting.

Tanner said...

Thanks guys! Funny story Craig. Yup that seems like a really awkward experience.

Yo Hutch! I do wish I did draw more. Well, at least as much as I get to design. I haven't progressed as fast or as much as you all as a result but I'll do my best to just do it more so I can at least hang with all the character artists ;)

Barbie said...

Those are really good sketches! You are really great w the art. I still have a hard time with the stick figures!

You know, I have to wonder about those individuals that tend to sketch you naked.... What could they POSSIBLY be thinking???

Anonymous said...

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Robin said...

I was once confronted by this man on a train. I was drawing someone past him, and he leaned towards me and told me I was being incredibly rude, sketching people. He told me to put my sketchbook away. I told him if it offended him he could move. He was pretty irate and silently stared daggers at me the rest of the way home.

But in my five or six years of drawing people, that's the only sour incident I had. Some of the time when people catch me drawing them they'll either get up and leave or position themselves in a more artistic happy pose.

I love your blog :D