Wednesday, June 4, 2008

You Call Him Dr. Jones, Doll!

Here's the completed Temple of Doom poster. I ended up adding a bunch of elements that tied it more into the Raiders poster such as the logo, the limited color scheme, the large 'head' in the upper right, the little 'filmed in color' banner, and the action scene at the bottom right. I figured these changes would make a more cohesive series in the end. Throughout the design process, I constantly move things around to find that balance. Short Round and Willie moved from right to left, top to bottom, and I even seperated them where she was on the upper right and he was at the bottom where the mine cars are. After all these years, I still don't get it right the first, or second, or third, or even fourth time. And that is why I'm an alcoholic!

The Temple print should be available soon at Acme Archives.


Dorota said...

You finally finished it. It was worth waiting!!!!!

flatelephant said...

Freaking AWESOME.

I freaked out when i opened this months previews and your first Indiana print was in there.

You've made it man.



Drew said...

Absolutely beautiful. Love the style.

intergalactic said...

I dig it!


Stacey Aoyama said...

Wow! Seems like such a fun project to work on...the poster is awesome!

Tanner said...

Thanks guys! For me, the Raiders print felt like getting my feet wet. With this one, i really just jumped the heck into the pool. A lot more of a freeing experience. I hope this one sells cuz I already sketched out the Last Crusade one and I can't wait to get going on it. I packed in EVERYTHING from the film! Prepare to be either floored or way the hell confused =)

flatelephant said...

i'm trying to concince kristin this is a print we "need"

we will see…

richtuzon said... fav so far. give me a few so i can sell some. i need money.

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric Tan,

I think I went to Art Center with you. Did you have Clane Graves as an instructor? If it is you then congrats... you were always very talented in what I considered a very mediocre group of students.

Tanner said...

Thanks anonymous. Were we in any other classes? Mediocre? Really? How so?

flatelephant said...

man, clanes class.

i still have the box full of photos we took of down town LA with jason and Brett.


I found the Vanilla Ice drawing you did for me in that class the other day (it came out during our move).


Vencys_lao said...

Hey Buddy!

Nice work!! Really Amazing and Strong!

See ya

Anonymous said...

Mediocre as in no one really pushed the envelope conceptually. It was depressing! Did you feel the same way? Glad you are doing good now.

flatelephant, were you in our class?


Great work Tan. You did it again!

Craig Mackay said...

Wow, Eric! You've definitely captured the essence of the movie once again. I like the Mola Ram guy's face being up-lit with the crazy eyes. Really great!

flatelephant said...

yeah anonymous, i was one of the three chuckleheads that sat with eric in every class.

Anonymous said...

flatelephant, is your name jason or brad?

Tanner said...

Thanks Ry and Craig! With the ripping out of hearts, the vampire bats, that freaky fire god, and the voodoo dolls, Temple of Doom really has the elements of a horror flick. I'm glad that came across.

flatelephant said...

its will,

jason and brett were the other 2.

hey eric, how many ap do you make on these?

Anonymous said...

oh, i remember jason and brett. He was the tall blonde guy right? Will, were you an ad major?

Anonymous said...

Eric, this is just as awesome as the RAIDERS piece, which I purchased from IndyShop. I definitely will have to get this as well! So, there are obviously plans for a "Last Crusade" piece if this one sells. What about "Crystal Skull"? Though I imagine that might have to be more like a 50s sci-fi B-movie poster and might not fit in with these. You're gonna put me in the poor house! LOL

flatelephant said...

I'm a big tall white guy, graphics major.
I graduated with jason, and brett a term after eric.

eric would tell you i was the good looking one.

Anonymous said...

Oh wait, is your last name something like Finn or Flynn? You were in my classes too right!

Larry said...

Kali maa! Kali maa!

flatelephant said...

your think rodrick finn.

my last name is miller,

whats your name?

Tanner said...

Since when this become a chat room?

Larry - I was totally thinking of that when drawing out Mola Ram. Haha! KALI MAA!!!

richtuzon said...

showoff! try drawing some biscuits.

Tanner said...

MMM! Biscuits!

denk! said...

i'm completely sunderred at your work! nice clean and fresh designs. i was truly waiting that i could find some stuff like this! keep it up. i'll be waitin'

dylansdad said...

Just ordered my copy--now please hurry up with the "Last Crusade" and don't leave me with only two of these!

anders said...

You win again, Eric Tan! I look forward to the third to complete my set!

Anonymous said...

I loved the first one and I just ordered the second one. I can't wait to get it. What's the word on the next two?

Anonymous said...

Eric, this and the "Raiders" posters are flawless! Tell me you're doing "Last Crusade" and "Crystal Skull". If so, I'm definitely gonna get another part-time job so I can buy all of those!

Anonymous said...

I have bought your prints at Acme for Raiders and Temple of Doom... when will you be finishing the one for Last Crusade! Can't wait to see the finished set !!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, Tanner! Loooove your work! Any idea when "Crusade" will be released. I check the weekly for this, but no success so far...

Greetings from Belgium!

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