Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Start of Something

The majority of my artistic creativity occurs alone in the car. When I think about it, that's the only time I'm away from phones, televisions, computers, video games, people, and everything else that can distract me. I have no attention span whatsoever and suffer from rampant a.d.d. When I'm in that car with nothing else to do, I'm almost forced to think of what I'm gonna be working on that day and how I'm gonna go about doing it, just to stay awake. In L.A. traffic, that usually gives me a good chunk of time to get a whole lot of thinking done. When I get to the office or the drawing board at home, the conceptual part is done and I zone out and get those ideas down on the page. I suck at thinking & creating on the spot. Guess I'm premeditated in a way. I'll start with a thumbnail, then pencils, scan that sucker in and vectorize it in Illustrator or paint it in Photoshop. I can't go straight to the computer. Guess I'm a little old school too. Although almost everything I do now goes through the computer, I still have to draw it out. Even logos and typography. Here's some initial pencils I've done for the Cereal Killers project. The goal is to create a spooky cereal box cover. Mine involves zombie Mexican wrestlers! It'll change a bunch over time (I've already changed the name to Bone Crunchers) and I'll be sure to post the progess. Now hit the road!



That is good stuff kids go for. I like the energy in that pose. I know what you mean about thinking of stuff while you're in the car. When I was attending CalArts, I would often come up with some of my best ideas in the car during the drive out there. Now my commute has been so short for all of these years, I never get that time to zone out. Not that I'm complaining....

flatelephant said...

These are AWESOME.

I can't wait to see what you do.

Larry said...

Good stuff, T. I don't think I've seen any pencil work from you before. Nice.

Tanner said...

Thanks dudes! Yeah I try to keep my pencils hidden cuz it always looks like two stick figures wrestling over a turkey or something. Fortunately, these came out a little bit easier to read. Funky pic Larry!

flatelephant said...

your typography is so impressive E.

i've always been amazed at how you do what you do with type.

flatelephant said...

Hey E-

I added you to my sweet stuff.

hope thats cool.

Unknown said...

AWESOME great action!

Anonymous said...

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