Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Cue John Williams

I finally finished up that Indy piece for Acme Archives. My idea here was to create something that looked as if it came out when the movie took place, circa 1936. I was heavily influenced by Mexican film posters from the 30's & 40's. They had that western/dramatic/action feel nailed down. Check out that Cine Mexicano book if you can. Them dudes sure knew what they were doing way back when. Now that I'm done, I think I'm gonna hitch this port-a-pottie down the street to my truck. It's already on wheels so it should be a pretty simple procedure. I might even cruise the 101 during rush hour and charge a buck and a quarter for pit stops. Adios amigos!

Check out for info on the piece.


Bobby Pontillas said...

Brilliant man, this came out really great and feels authentic to the time period.

Ry's Photo Blog said...

Wow! That turned out even better than I had hoped! Love the color!

jazzndance said...

it looks amazing eric! i'd love to see you drive the 101 with a porta potty hitched to your car.

Dorota said...

Another great one!!!

Vince M. said...

Great job, Eric. When I saw your layout sketch I thought the composition looked a bit too placed and vertical. But by adding the silhouettes at the bottom and playing down the type you've pulled it all together.
The only thing I might have done differently is to keep the aircraft at the top at an angle, and use a more vintage plane. This one looks like a 757.

If graphic design has a name... it's Eric Tan!

Kelvin said...

tanner strikes again.....great job man

Alina Chau said...

beautiful classy design!

Daniel said...

Hi Eric, I am a huge fan of your art. You've topped yourself again with this one.

Do you know of any location where I can buy reproductions of your work? The best that I can really find are ebay sales of your Wall-E cards from Comic Con.

Tanner said...

Thanks for the compliments folks! I have no clue how any of my art will be received when I'm working on it. I just keep telling myself to make sure it doesn't complete suck.

Hey Daniel, sells the Ratatouille and Indiana Jones posters. Hopefully you'll get to see the entire set of the Wall•e posters if they decide to market them (there's 14 in all). Give 'em hell if they don't! :)

martini833 said...

Are there any Cars posters you did? If not who did them, or do they exist at all?
By the way your style is awesome!!!

Adam McDaniel said...

Dear Eric,

I love, love, LOVE your art from RAIDERS, and what can I say? I'm jealous as hell of your talent. I don't know if you'd ever like a print of any of my paintings, but if so, maybe we could do a swap???

I'm currently working on another INDIANA JONES illustration, this one done in the style of Struzan's "circus style" STAR WARS poster, only for RAIDERS instead. It's coming along nicely, and could be my favorite painting thus far.

May I ask -- did you have a contact at Lucasfilm about arranging your glicee print? I was curious about submitting my latest piece for consideration, but wouldn't know where to begin.

Thanks so much, and keep up the great work!


P.S.: Noticed you live in So. Pasadena. I go there all the time -- I love the Mission St. area. If you'd ever be up for a lunch meeting, it'd be on me!

Bryan Ward said...

Eric, I've been a huge fan of your work for a long time and just stumbled on your site through the write-up that Peter did over at /film. I've already ordered my copy of the new Indiana Jones poster, excellent work.

Now to some business. We work with illustrators all the time and I just might have a project coming up later this year that might be perfect for you. I noticed you don't have an email address or contact info in your profile. So how do I get in contact?

You could follow my link above and contact me off the blog as it were?

Either way, excellent work and maybe we can work together on something soon.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely FANTASTIC!!! This ranks alongside Amsel's original poster art for Raiders......Can't say enough good things about it!

Would love to have this hanging on my wall, but, unfortunately, the Acme price is out of my budget range.....Any possibility of doing a regular poster run as a bit more affordable price?

Craig Mackay said...

Great job Eric! I love the overall feel and the attention to detail. In the steps between the rough and the final you made just the right amount of refinements. Do you find this is an intuitive and unconscious part of the process for you or do you endlessly fuss over things until they fit into place?

Tanner said...

Craig, that's a great question. Once I start a piece, I find I'm constantly thinking about it all the time. I don't sketch my way through it like I used to but I'm constantly trying to think of a better solution, usually when I'm stuck in traffic or zoning out while the tv's on at night. I won't start the final piece til everything feels solved in my head. I think that's why it looks like I can put the final together in a short period of time. Everyone you and I work with believes I crank this out, but most of the work is the thinking part and unfortunately that takes place when I'm not even in the office. I'm getting screwed as far as not getting overtime, aren't I =)

intergalactic said...

Hola Eric,

Just saw the Indy print over on the new on-line Indy store, looks great!

Which reminds me...did you ever pull off a print run on the X-Men piece?

I have some birthday cash burning a hole in my pocket man!!

If you have plans to sell prints I would love to purchase one.

Email me: socalsunshine(at)

Thanks man.


Craig Mackay said...

Wow, Eric! Thanks for explaining your process. We have to come up with a device that can log how much time you think about your work while off the clock so you can be compensated for your genius Mozart mind that doesn't turn off. Do you ever find yourself in a conversation with a friend and suddenly you blurt out, "A blue circle! That's it!!"?

Tanner said...

Yup! That's that glazed over look I have in all our meetings Craig. I assure you I'm not bored, just thinking =)

Viga said...

Why didn't I find this blog before! Awesome man!

Anonymous said...

Awesome work! I had seen the Ratatouille posters on Acme's site and always thought they were cool, but this Indy piece blows them out of the water... looking around my office for a place to hang it right now! Do you have a website with a portfolio of other work you've done?

Larry said...

tanner strikes again.....great job man

shawnee said...

very cool, as always.

Tanner said...

Thanks everyone! I'm starting on Temple of Doom as we speak and I'll post it as soon as it looks like something coherent.

Anonymous said...

Temple!! Oh, geez! I can't wait for this one Tanner. Don't forget Short Round, baby!

deparenpar said...


vivi said...

..your work are very nice!!

Kir Kanos said...

Awesome job Eric! I just received the print in the mail today. That style seems so fitting for the time period of Indiana Jones. I can't wait to get this framed. I am thinking about an old gold matting (to match the color in the hat and the word "Jones") with a black frame. As the artist, do you have any suggestions for matting and frame colors to best accent the artwork? I'm looking foward to seeing your rendition for the Temple of Doom. The sketch looks very promising...

Tanner said...

Short Round's definitely in Hutch.

Thanks Deparenpar, Vivi, and Ker! Ker, That's sounds like a good matte color to me. I'm always a fan of darker mattes and I think the lighter colors will pop with that gold color. Let me know how it goes.

Anonymous said...

Hey Eric, I'm a big fan. I have #36 of your Raider's piece.

I'll be back in the L.A. area July 8-16. Not sure of my meetings schedule, but would love to buy you a beer / coffee & have you autograph the work. Let me know.

Hans Kummer

Boxbird said...

Hi Eric
We are huge fans of the poster work you have been doing with Pixar over the last few years. If you were ever thinking of crossing over the big pond and selling limited edition prints in the UK please get in touch as we would be delighted to represent you.


Anonymous said...

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jbxwing said...

Hi Eric,

I am a huge of your Indiana Jones series as they capture the pulpy feel of the movies better than any of the other works out there. Unfortunately I missed out on "If Adventure Has a Name...". By any chance do you have any for sale?