Monday, July 21, 2008

Game Over

Here's the final version of the Duck Hunt trophy plaque for the I am 8-bit show. I'm not the most experienced sculptor in the world but I'm glad I went through the all the challenges that came with this project cuz i learned a whole lot of valuable lessons such as 1) don't forget to wear a mask next time when sanding resin. I'm still coughing up dust. 2) Don't look directly into a clogged airbrush tip when the compressor is plugged in. My left eye is now glittery pink. And 3) Stick to making posters. Those are a walk in the park compared to all the drilling, bending, sculpting, masking, sanding, priming, and painting involved with a 3D piece. My appreciation for sculptors has grown big time. All in all, I'm just glad I got through it and can't wait to do it again...with the help of a C&C machine!


praveenboss said...

good work... great going..visit mine link1

Craig Mackay said...

Man, that really came out great! Congrats on the sweat and toil it took to make it. Next time will be tons easier!

jaylake said...

"Fit the bill"


Nice work, though. I am enjoying this blog.

Jamey Clayberg said...


xenos said...

this is beyond awesome. now you know you are going to have to do a hogan's alley thug...

Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed you while I was in town. My meetings were mainly in the Valley / N. Hollywood. Was in Pasadena on Wed.

Just returned home (east coast) after 3 weeks in San Diego & LA - so Comic-Con is a no-go for me.

Contact me when you have a chance as I'd love to include your work in future projects (TV & film - incl. 3D & giant screen, and interactive attractions).

{Hope to have you sign my Raiders print someday as well!}

Best wishes.

Hans Kummer
Wild Child Entertainment

Tanner said...

Thanks dudes! The compliments are much-appreciated.

Craig- I certainly hope so! I have an entire bucket of resin left so I'm sure I'll start on another one soon.

Jay- Thanks for the cheesy line call out. I should NEVER type something after working til 3 at night. Nothing makes sense! Don't worry, I fixed it.

Jamey, Xenos, and Hans - I'm just glad I could pull off something semi-respectable for your enjoyment. Thanks!

TopToons said...

So you actually got pink eye from a duck? Wild man, wild.
Another fine piece.

Anonymous said...

Nice job, very cool!

flatelephant said...

hey e-

we just missed your singing at the con.

by minutes.

Its been a long time since we've seen you, so it would have been cool.

Zoro said...

AWESOME piece, really brings back good memories of that orange gun. good stuff!

Stacey Aoyama said...

This is so cool...I want one over my mantle (if I had a mantle)! I hope you're doing well over there and enjoying the trip!

RPH said...

Tanner you genius!

Anonymous said...
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Vanessa Alderson-Jones said...

Wonderful stuff! I absolutely ADORE your art, I can't wait to keep checking back on ya, I've officially become an addict.

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Anonymous said...
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Hyla said...

LMAO, My 8, 3, and 2 yr old children are playing duck hunt right now!

StevenC16 said...

This is fantastic, would you ever consider creating them for sale?

Would love to buy one if there were any available.